Hey! So, I have some new ideas about where I want to take this blog. But first, let me give you a little bit of a backstory.

When I first got accepted to my school, I felt as though God were calling me to use the campus as a mission field. As time has gone on, I have been more and more determined to do just that. One of my favorite callings God had for me was to start a Bible study. The idea of hanging out with a group of girls and discussing the Bible and life and supporting each other just warms my heart. So, naturally, I prayed and wrote and invited and planned. For the first few weeks, two of my friends came every Thursday. We talked and laughed and had fun.

After a while, we all began to get flooded with schoolwork and social functions. One week, nobody came. I was a little upset, but it was understandable so I simply took the time for personal study. The following week, the same thing happened. Despite this, I was determined to hold fast to the group and my faith. This wasn’t my group but God’s. He would make it happen within His will. I did feel discouraged many times, but through prayer and fellowship, it has been much more bearable.

Today, while on Pinterest (surprise, surprise), I read an article about keeping a Christian blog and was reminded of this abandoned site. Part of it suggested using a blog to write out Bible studies. And in that moment, all the little pieces of doubt, worry, work, wondering, prayer, scripture, and support all seemed to slide into a clear picture. Maybe this is how I can make my impact; a Bible study for high school/college age students who don’t have time to go to Bible study! (Even now, I’m getting really excited for this!)

I think that, for now at least, posts will probably be Tuesday, Thursday, and Saturday regularly with some occasional bonus posts maybe. But Bible studies on the regular days for sure.

I can’t wait to start this new journey and maybe be able to impact even more people now! If you could please send this to someone that you think would want to read the Bible studies/devotions. Thanks so much!

Peace and Love, God bless,



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